Progressive Death Metal band- DARK HELM collaborate with Proximity Productions PR | New Album

Progressive Death Metal band DARK HELM is all gearing up for their release and they have now announced their forthcoming record titled- Hymnus De Antitheist. Proximity Productions is delighted to announce the signing of this band for PR in support of this album. 

The band’s bassist, Shubrayu comments, “We’re really glad to have tied up with Proximity Productions for this album. We really want this album to reach out where it should and we were on the lookout for a PR company which is equally driven to the cause. We’ve known Harsha for a few years now and are really impressed with his contribution to the Metal scene in India. With a driven and reliable PR company on our side, we’re really optimistic about releasing the album.

Album Art

Speaking about the album, Mohanish, the band’s guitarist adds, “This album is the sum total of all my hatred towards the state of humanity today. Let me clarify though; Over the past few years I have noticed my stance harden, as a rational thinker. My belief that “divinity is poison” has grown from a mere commentary on the human condition to a desperate need for a global change (if we are to survive the coming of age of the human race and become an advanced civilization worthy of wielding the tools we create).

DH with Watermarked Logos.jpg

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