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The bands that we have mentioned here have been a part of our management roster; booked for our shows/ tours; and have received PR/ Promotional services with Proximity Productions as part of their album/ EP releases in the past to reach a wider audience and much more. The list follows:

ABSOLUTUS (Belgium)- Black Metal

ABSOLUTUS is a Belgium based Black Metal outfit that has been shattering the shelter of the unconscious since 2003. Their lyrical content deals primarily with nihilism, metaphysical journeys, eerie experiences and psychology inspired by writers such as E.M. Cioran and F. Nietzsche. Starting out as a traditional black metal entity, their absolution shifted towards a more aesthetic and experimental approach. Signed to home label Abstruse Eerie Radiance.

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LEBENSSUCHT (Germany/ Bulgaria/ Belgium)- Ambient Black Metal

This band has everything that a Black Metal fan would anticipate. Sick riffs, fast tremolo picking guitars, shrieked vocals (female vocalist), blasting drums and the ambient song structures. Influences vary from Bathory to Mayhem to Carpathian Forest but the band emerges out with their own signature sound that goes largely unparalleled with the musical professionalism of this band, building a unique atmosphere whose tunes reverb in your head as you listen to them. They have put out their new EP titled ‘Fucking My Knife’ recently that released in July 2016 released via Abstruse Eerie Radiance.


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ARNWALD (Germany)- Dark Ambient/ Industrial 

One man Dark/ Ambient Industrial Music project Arnwald, the ultimate brain child of ‘Arnaud Vansteenkiste’ has released his latest album- ‘Primal Expurgation‘ via Abstruse Eerie Radiance. The album is particularly noted for the unusual use of electronic instruments and has stood ground in its most Avante- Garde form.


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KILLCHAIN (India)- Classic Death Metal

Killchain is an old school Death Metal band who have played in our second edition of Durance of Hate Tour– II. One of those bands who have carved a reputation for themselves with their brand of Extreme music and great live performances. Influenced heavily by bands such as Obituary, Bolt Thrower. The band self released their last album- Psychosis that was received well.



CARNAGE INC (India)- Thrash Metal

Thrash Metal from the 80’s the way it was meant to be; that’s what CI has been doing all this while by adding their own flavor to it. For a band that plays quality Metal, CI are one of the best live acts in this genre. The band released their debut- Fury Incarnate


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THE CHRONIC LEGION (India)- Experimental Metal

The Chronic Legion have been one of the most promising bands from the New Delhi scene. The band is busy with their upcoming self titled album. They have announced several interesting collaborations in this album with well known artists in the Indian and international Metal circuit that is set to release in early 2017.


TRINERGIC (India)- Melodic Death Metal

The band had been on a hiatus with the recording of their new material and are all set to make a comeback this year. The band’s music is characterized by punching double bass drums, sharp guitars and slick bass lines, backed with roaring vocals. They have a very energetic live performance which the crowds have gone mad for!


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HIGH FREQUENCY (India)- Blackened Death Metal

High Frequency is one of the most underrated extreme metal bands from the local scene in India. Having won several accolades and winning, judging and playing many competitions, the band is returning back with this tour. HF’s music is reminiscent of legends like Death and Behemoth. The band’s music is relentlessly fast, aggressive, in-your-face blackened death metal.



SHRAP (India)- Post Thrash/ Groove Metal

Shrap has been one of the better known bands from the Kolkata region. Having built a loyal fan base over the years, the band has managed to release two EPs which were both critically and commercially acclaimed. The band is known for their tight and energetic live performances. The front man Saptak Dey, recently got endorsed by ESP guitars, among various other endorsements that the band carries.


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ABADDON (India)- Heavy Metal

The city of Bangalore has produced some good old school metal bands. Abaddon has been an active part of the scene ever since. They have released their first EP- ‘Son Of Hell’.


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PRIME RAGE (India)- Death Metal 

Death Metal from the likes Decrepit Birth, Gorgasm with a touch of technicality.

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+ More bands on the way!