KILLCHAIN (India)- Classic Death Metal

Killchain is an old school Death Metal band who have played in our second edition of Durance of Hate Tour– II. One of those bands who have carved a reputation for themselves with their brand of Extreme music and great live performances. Influenced heavily by bands such as Obituary, Bolt Thrower. The band self released their last album- Psychosis that was received well.



CARNAGE INC (India)- Thrash Metal

Thrash Metal from the 80’s the way it was meant to be; that’s what CI has been doing all this while by adding their own flavor to it. For a band that plays quality Metal, CI are one of the best live acts in this genre. The band released their debut- Fury Incarnate


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TRINERGIC (India)- Melodic Death Metal

The band had been on a hiatus with the recording of their new material and are all set to make a comeback this year. The band’s music is characterized by punching double bass drums, sharp guitars and slick bass lines, backed with roaring vocals. They have a very energetic live performance which the crowds have gone mad for!


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