Proximity Music Management has worked with many reputed names from India and internationally over the last few years at various levels from Management to Booking to Tour Management, PR and much more! 


DARKEST HORIZON (Germany)- Dark/ Epic/ Melodic Death Metal

Darkest Horizon is known for their brand of Death Metal that is dark, eerie and still carries a strong flavor combining melodies and strong production values. The band will certainly appeal to fans of Scandinavian Metal for their essence and quality music.


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DYMBUR- Experimental/ Progressives Metal

Shillong’s Progressive/ Experimental outfit Dymbur have signed with Proximity Music Management PR for the release of their forthcoming album. The Progressive/ Experimental quartet is gearing up for the release of their breand new forthcoming record- ‘The Legend of Thraat’. 


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NIHILUS- Technical Death Metal

Death Metal group. The new album- Borealis promises to be a solid Death Metal record with strong Technicality. The pre-orders and announcements will be made in the next few days.

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KILLKOUNT- Brutal Death Metal 

Touted as one of the ‘fastest’ bands from the Central Indian region; watch out for the album artwork, track-list, a brand new single and other album announcements that are to follow.


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DARK HELM- Progressive Death Metal

Progressive Death Metal band DARK HELM is all gearing up for their release and they have now announced their forthcoming record titled- Hymnus De Antitheist

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RAGNHILD- Melodic Death Metal/ Viking Metal

Ragnhild plays a brand of Death Metal that is very reminiscent of their Scandinavian influence. Marked with Melodic Death Metal with Viking themes. The band is all set to release their debut full length this first quarter of 2019. 

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HOSTILIAN- Groove/ Experimental

Hyderabad based Metal outfit Hostilian are currently set to release their forthcoming record in early January 2019. The to-be self-released album will soon be available to the public once the announcements are set.



R.A.I.D- Hardcore/ Crossover Thrash Metal

Hyderabad (India) based Hardcore/ Crossover Thrash Metal band R.A.I.D have announced a new collaboration with Proximity Productions PR to mark their upcoming release. The band currently is signed with Rottweiler Records (USA). 

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The band has been constantly pushing their limits to bring their music across with a notable debut full length- The Strong Survive. The upcoming album is set to go down the lines of Old School flavor thus bringing in a unique touch to their local presence here. 

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ORCHID- Avant Garde/ Progressive

ORCHID is one of Bangalore’s better known band from the live music and are well known for their unique music that blends the abstractness of Avant-Garde Music with Progressive segments combined with the intensity of Metal that makes them stand ground. Orchid is eyeing an early 2019 for their forthcoming release and it is touted to be a record that will stand unexampled from this part of the world. 


ABSOLUTUS (Belgium)- Black Metal

ABSOLUTUS is a Belgium based Black Metal outfit that has been shattering the shelter of the unconscious since 2003. Their lyrical content deals primarily with nihilism, metaphysical journeys, eerie experiences and psychology inspired by writers such as E.M. Cioran and F. Nietzsche. Starting out as a traditional black metal entity, their absolution shifted towards a more aesthetic and experimental approach. Signed to home label Abstruse Eerie Radiance.

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LEBENSSUCHT (Germany/ Bulgaria/ Belgium)- Ambient Black Metal

This band has everything that a Black Metal fan would anticipate. Sick riffs, fast tremolo picking guitars, shrieked vocals (female vocalist), blasting drums and the ambient song structures. Influences vary from Bathory to Mayhem to Carpathian Forest but the band emerges out with their own signature sound that goes largely unparalleled with the musical professionalism of this band, building a unique atmosphere whose tunes reverb in your head as you listen to them. They have put out their new EP titled ‘Fucking My Knife’ recently that released in July 2016 released via Abstruse Eerie Radiance.


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ARNWALD (Germany)- Dark Ambient/ Industrial 

One man Dark/ Ambient Industrial Music project Arnwald, the ultimate brain child of ‘Arnaud Vansteenkiste’ has released his latest album- ‘Primal Expurgation‘ via Abstruse Eerie Radiance. The album is particularly noted for the unusual use of electronic instruments and has stood ground in its most Avante- Garde form.


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THE CHRONIC LEGION- Experimental Metal

The Chronic Legion have been one of the most promising bands from the New Delhi scene. The band is busy with their upcoming self titled album. They have announced several interesting collaborations in this album with well known artists in the Indian and international Metal circuit that is set to release in early 2017.


SHRAP- Post Thrash/ Groove Metal

Shrap has been one of the better known bands from the Kolkata region. Having built a loyal fan base over the years, the band has managed to release two EPs which were both critically and commercially acclaimed. The band is known for their tight and energetic live performances. The front man Saptak Dey, recently got endorsed by ESP guitars, among various other endorsements that the band carries.



+ More bands on the way!